How it works:


Your first step is a consultation. For a fee of $100:


  • We do our homework by completing background research on your company

  • We visit your workspace to experience your way of doing things 

  • We sit down with you for an hour to discuss your values, goals, and needs

  • We provide detailed recommendations for a way forward



















What happens next is up to you. 


We'll provide a range of ideas and options. We might create a social media strategy or connect you with a web designer. We might coach you on a new business management system. We might create a job description for your next team member. We can suggest solutions you can do on your own, or we can take on special projects ourselves.


Whether you sign on for more from Nota Bene or continue working on your own, the goal is to enable you to grow.


Some of the more detailed services we offer:

  • database building and management

  • social media strategy and coaching

  • basic website design and evaluation

  • brand identity consultation

  • product launches and promotions

  • special event coordination

  • copywriting for email, blogs, etc.

  • systems organization

  • job descriptions

  • and loads of other stuff, because we love it all!

And we promise that if your job requires a level of skill or an amount of time that we can't offer you, we'll help you find the right person to do it. 


Request a quote


Send us a message to start the conversation.

You can also reach NB by phone at 289.260.2364. Text messages are a great way to introduce yourself!

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